To become an integrated company in the poultry & fisheries industry with growth rate above average of the industry


1. To produce superior products that will satisfy and enhance the life of our stakeholders

2. To take an active role in advancing poultry and fisheries industries in Indonesia

PT Sinta Prima Feedmill (SPF) was formally established in late 1982 by Mr. Salim Soewanto and Mrs. Liliyanti Soewanto as a producer of feed fish and poultry industry, located in Cileungsi, Bogor.

Now, PT SPF becoming one of the major players in animal feed business in Indonesia and recognized as one of the leaders for Fresh Water Fish Feed, and was awarded as "The Pioneer in Aquaculture Feed Industry" at the Indo Fisheries Expo in 2002. PT SPF also has received ISO 9001:2008 certified in 2011. More details...

High Quality Products

Sinta supplies high performance feed for various fish and chicken species. With chosen ingredients and topped up with quality control system, we offers the best efficiency for your business

Looking back, Sinta made one of the first advances in the 1980s by introducing pelleted fish feed and we continuosly developing the right nutritional values to enhance our feed quality. More details about our products...

P = Puas

Satisfying all the stakeholders

R = Responsif

Responsive to any problems

I = Inovatif

Innovative; finding better ways of doing things

M = Mutu

Quality; to supply quality products and services

A = Aman

Safe for environment and consumers

- One of leading fish and poultry feed producer

- Market Leader in sinking fish feed in Indonesia

- 3 Feedmills in West Java, Indonesia

- Strong distribution channel across Indonesia

- Equipped with research centers around Java

PT Sinta Prima Feedmill Experience for more than 30 years

PT Sinta Prima Feedmill has ISO 9001:2008 certified

"We give the best for your business"

PT Sinta Prima Feedmill continuosly developing the right nutritional values to enhance our feed quality

Do you have question about us?

If you have more question about us or our products, don't hesistate to contact us at +6221 548 0959